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Organic, Vegan

Organic garbanzo beans are ground in house with onion, parsley, cilantro and spices. We  fry it fresh to order resulting in the crispiest falafel you’ll find in Seattle with with a soft & fluffy inside. Once you’ve had falafel this way, you’ll only want it fresh

Chicken shwarma

Organic, Free-Range

Our chicken shwarma is marinated in our secret 21 spice blend, garlic and olive oil.
We pan sauté it in its own juice resulting in juicy and flavorful bites

Lamb Gyro

Organic Grass-Fed

Our lamb gyro strips are savory and slightly zesty. The grass-fed lamb is seasoned with harissa, fire roasted peppers and fresh cilantro. We then press the mixture into bricks which we sear, bake, slice and saute

Pita Bread

Baked Fresh Daily

Our homemade pocket pita is baked fresh daily. It is thick and fluffy and has been described as soft, pillowy, cloudy… Yet what matters is that it ties everything together holding all the juicy flavors in a soft edible shell

Mezze Deli

Pickled in House

Mezze is at the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine and refers to olives and vegetables, marinated, pickled and roasted as well as dips. Our restaurant features a colorful deli fridge with amazing variety of pickled vegetables, hummus, babaghnouj and feta spreads ready to grab-n-go


Sheep-Milk, Bulgarian

Our feta is made of unpasteurized sheep-milk. Imported from Bulgaria, it showcases old-country salty flavor with a sour finish and hints of pasture. As a matter of cultural opinion, some consider unpasteurized milk to be a hazard to pregnant woman


All our proteins are organic free-range because we believe you are what you eat!

The fresh part of out ingredients are sourced as close as possible, while our staple ingredients are imported from overseas. Many other components such as our pitas and pickles are homemade fresh. These practices result in fresh, healthy, ethical food with exceptional flavor.

Local & Organic

  • Garbanzo beans – Organic (Falafel and Hummus)
  • Lamb – Organic, grass-fed, certified Halal – Anderson Ranch (Brownsville, OR)
  • Chicken – Organic, free-range – Roxy (Mt.Vernon,WA)
  • Mixed Greens – Organic and crisp
  • Spices – Many of our spices come from World Spice (Pike Place Market)


  • Olive oil is extra virgin cold pressed and has deep earth and rock flavors (Tazah, Lebanon)
  • Tahini is toasted hulled sesame and has sweet and nutty flavors (Al-Kanater,Lebanon)
  • Za’atar has a nice herb flavor that completes any middle eastern dish (Adonis, Jordan)
  • Feta cheese is traditional Bulgarian and un-pasteurized. It hides a delicate sour finish rather than salty

Future sourcing

As we grow so does our purchasing power. Voting with your wallet drives the demand for better products decreasing price and increasing accessibility.
We actively work to create a future in which we purchase more and more ingredients from better farmers thus build a strong community where healthier and fresher ingredients are readily available.

Flavors and Dining

A spectrum of flavors

Middle Eastern food has a spectrum of flavors that ranges from simple to bold and complex.Simple flavors such as in hummus and tahini are mellow and light yet have beautiful hints of earthy, sweet and nutty flavors. They also add a pleasant creamy texture to any dish. Bold flavors such as falafel, chicken shwarma and pickled mango sauce play perfectly with the light smoothness of tahini and hummus.

Getting the flavor and texture just right

Let’s be real, texture is just as important as flavor so we make the food fresh throughout the day.You cannot beat the soft textures of a freshly baked pita or a crispy (piping hot) falafel ball. Much thought has gone into each component and the method in which it is prepared. Making our food from start to end has allowed us to perfect the flavors and textures and select the finest ingredients.

Dietary Restrictions

It is very easy for us to accommodate most diets. Not only are we happy to substitute ingredients we also respect your choice and go the extra mile to insure you get exactly what you ask for.

By nature, our food is mostly vegetarian and vegan. We keep our falafel fryer vegan & gluten free. All the food is Gluten-Free with the exception of the pita and Baklava. Everything is soy and nut free except for the baklava of course. No eggs or dairy, no problem. Just let us know.

House or Purple ?

We offer two styles of sandwiches House and Purple. Originally we only offered sandwiches in what is now dubbed House StyleThey include, homemade hummus, Arab salad, tahini, pickled mango. This is the standard way you would get them in Tel-Aviv. The Purple Style is an interpretation of the Northwestern flavor combinations using traditional Middle Eastern ingredients.

Restaurant Info

Restaurant Hours

Monday  …………….            Closed
Tuesday  ……………. 11 am – 9 pm
Wednesday   ………. 11 am – 9 pm
Thursday   ………….. 11 am – 9 pm
Friday  ……………….. 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday   …………… 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday  ……………… 10 am – 8 pm

Restaurant Address

4746 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA




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