Chef Shimi Kahn

After moving to Seattle from Israel Shimi craved the authentic bold fresh flavors he learned to love in Tel-Aviv falafel shops. He started serving falafel in 2009 at Farmers Markets.
He was exposed to amazing local fresh ingredients and began switching to organic free range meats, organic garbanzos and other high end ingredients.

Sourcing sustainably

We source many key ingredients locally in conjunction with “top of the line” imported staple ingredients from the Middle East to make sure the flavors are just right. 

Our culture

We believe in a work culture that is fun, professional and safe.
We do our best to keep our employees well paid and fed because our success is a result of their amazing work day in and out from grinding beans, to juicing lemons and cutting salad. There is a lot of work behind the scenes to make this food happen.
At Falafel Salam we offer extensive benefits to our employees.



Fresh Falafel

Falafel is always dropped fresh to order.
It’s crispy and the outside, fluffy and piping-hot on the inside.
Once you’ve had falafel this way, you’ll only want it fresh.

Homemade Pita

Our homemade pita is baked fresh daily.
It has been described as soft, pillowy, cloudy, fluffy… Yet what matters is that it ties everything together holding all the juicy flavors in a soft edible shell….

House or Purple?

We offer two styles of sandwiches House and Purple.
Originally we only offered sandwiches in what is now dubbed House Style.
They include, homemade hummus, Arab salad, tahini, pickled mango.
This is the standard way you would get them in Tel-Aviv.

The Purple Style is an interpretation of the Northwestern flavor combinations using traditional Middle Eastern ingredients.


We love questions and most of the time have answers.
Please reach out with any question.