We are now offering our catering services
In a wide variety of options.

* Onsite buffet plus live cooking
* Corporate lunch and events
* We bring the truck to you
* Pickup\dropoff options
* Small private events
* Customization

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Where is our truck?

Where can I get some goodness?
All the locations and dates!

Imagine you are going about your day
When suddenly you spot a green shiny truck!
Oh how much you missed
That Purple lamb sandwich...

Late night munchies in Capitol Hill?
Wait! That's right!
Taco from Morocco is on
Broadway and Pike
(Fri -Sat 8 PM - 2:30 AM)

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Most of our food is made from scratch
Using the best ingredients available.

We bake our pita daily.

Only use organic grass-fed meats
from 100% humanely raised animals.

Olive oil, tahini and some spices
Imported from Middle East.

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