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Welcome !

One of the staples of the Levantine cultures is hospitality. Welcoming friends, family and even strangers into your home is a way of life that has created over the centuries a very rich and variable cuisine. 

Within minutes of arriving, the table fills with different goods. Fresh cut colorful salads, pickles, pastries, breads & refreshments, followed by rich delicious Entrees.

We chose to focus on the world of rich, colorful and satisfying flavors with respect to long standing traditions. We only use top of the line ingredients such as Organic meats as well as specialty ingredients imported from the Middle East. We welcome you to experience this healthy and satisfying cuisine with all your senses.


Leilla in all her glory


Organic, sustainable and local chicken shawarma skewers marinated in our secret 21 spice blend, olive oil and fresh garlic. ready to fire up and serve. The demand has been high so making more skewers. Next week they will even be bigger and taller!

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