my name is Shimi Kahn and I am the chef and owner of Falafel Salam.
I was born and raised in Israel where I grew up eating falafel and shawarma all the time without paying it any special attention (except for the fact that it is soooo scrumptious).

After relocating to Seattle I suddenly noticed that the amazing street food I took for granted was no longer available.
I went on a quest to find traditional falafel and came back empty handed. I had a thought and began making traditional falafel at the Fremont Sunday Market. I served it the way I was used to, the way I wanted to be served.
For the first few weeks we sold out every single time, even though we increased our amounts from week to week. The reactions were great and a large following was quickly formed. New options were introduced such as Skh’ug, our epic hot sauce, which has become a staple for many regulars. Some of you, have seen us grow right in front of your eyes from the very first week.

Fast forward to current day, 4 years later, we are still strong and growing serving gourmet falafel and shawarma at Fremont and Edmonds markets (Former 2 Chefs). Like many other good ideas, the idea of a mobile kitchen came from our customers. I worked around the clock for half a year, to pull this all together, and bring you the same food I grew up eating, this time in a gourmet fashion.

What do I mean by gourmet?
By gourmet I mean that all ingredients are top of the line, and almost everything is made in house.
Our falafel is always freshly made. Crispy on the outside, steaming hot and soft on the inside. 10 minute old falafel is tossed.
The shawarma is made using sustainable, local, organic chicken meat marinated in a rich spice blend overnight (with olive oil and garlic, YUM!).
And don’t even get me started about the hummus, salads and homemade pickles in a lemon\mango brine…

“Salam” is the greeting word in Arabic (“Shalom” in Hebrew). The beautiful thing about this word is that it also means peace. So essentially by saying hello to another, you welcome them and wish peace upon them. This clearly reflects my idea of openness and hospitality. Everything is connected and sacred in the great cycle of life. We respect the animals that we consume and choose to serve only animals that are humanly raised from birth to death. We also welcome vegetarians and vegans which can enjoy almost the entire menu. All our food is prepared with love and served with a smile. We would like to wish peace upon each and every one of you!