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A big portion of our everyday life is dedicated to eating.

Besides being our body’s source of energy, food gives us the opportunity to celebrate life together
and indulge in the abundance nature has to offer. Middle Eastern cultures exhibit this philosophy
with outstanding hospitality as well as a wide array of flavors, shapes and colors of the dishes.

If you are seeking one of a kind event,
offering top of the line gourmet delights for your guests and family, we can help!
Check out our new menu.
We offer a wide variety of:


Hot dishes

and Side dishes

As well as our signature sandwich menu.

All food is made of premium ingredients and sure to leave your guests impressed.
All meats are organic, humanely raised and sustainable. Some specialty ingredients are imported from the Middle East.

We will build with you a custom menu that suits your needs and budget including Meat\Vegetarian\Vegan options.

Now that we have our awesome food truck a whole new world of options has opened up. We now offer a new, unique and memorable way to leave a long lasting impression on your guests.

If you have any questions please shoot us an email or call us,

(206) 303 7076