Option 1: Corporate events

● Box lunch drop-off
● Lunch or dinner menu delivered from our truck
● Full buffet service

FalafelSalamTruck  Option 2: Hire the truck
If you’ve had our food you know how much we care about the flavors,
details and freshness.
You can now hire our truck to come to your party
and make the food fresh right on the spot.

● Guests order from a menu at the truck
● Food is made fresh onsite and served in an indoor\outdoor buffet
● Combination of buffet with platters and truck

Option 3: Buffet
Let us take care of everything from setup to breaking down and everything in between.
make almost everything from scratch can accommodate almost all diets.

● Vegan
● Vegetarian
● Gluten-free (not celiac)
● Palio
● Etc’

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